• Dental Implants Uncovered: Knowledge is Power!

    Dental implants are the standard of care for the replacement of missing teeth. As a dental hygienist in clinical practice, you do not need to know it ALL, but you should know the basics of implant care. There are many varying opinions on this topic and with the dental implant industry growing at such an exponential rate so isn't the risk for peri-implant diseases. Research shows the need for implant maintenance protocols to be implemented into the dental hygiene standard of care. Until further evidence emerges, the best recommendations available for such a need are expert opinion.


    RDH Innovations presents Dental Implants Uncovered: An Intraprofessional Collaborative approach to aiding the dental hygiene profession by providing patient-centered implant care.


    Dental Implants Uncovered is a safe place for dental hygienists from all generations to explore, learn, and connect with colleagues for the advancement of dental hygiene. Your participation in this page will guide you in making better clinical decisions when caring for patients with dental implants.


    Let’s share, be kind and grow together in the world of Implant Dentistry.


    With Love and Compassion,


    RDH Innovations

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