• Mission


    RDH Innovations wants to empower the dental hygienist to break the clinical boundaries of dental implant maintenance care. The dental implant industry is growing at an exponential rate, and our maintenance protocols for dental implants need to evolve as the industry is. We feel that through evidence-based research and hands-on experience we can offer our colleagues current dental implant maintenance education, clinical protocols and guidelines to provide dental implant patients with the highest level of clinical care.



    To create a new role for the Registered Dental Hygienist to practice in Oral Surgery and other dental specialties as an Implant Care Practitioner (ICP). An ICP will have the highest level of dental implant training, knowledge and hands-on experience in dealing with maintaining the health of dental implants but also assessing disease, knowing protocols to treat disease and when to refer out for surgical



    To educate dental hygiene students and dental hygiene educators to properly prepare the future of our profession to treat the dental implant patient population.

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