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    Implant Care Practitioner: Level 1

    November 2nd-3rd, 2019

    Limited Seating

    This multifaceted hands-on program will explore the fundamentals of laser science, periodontal endoscopy, subgingival powder streaming with glycine powder and instrumentation in the non-surgical treatment of peri-implant and periodontal diseases. Working with simulation exercises, this workshop is designed to build confidence and gain a clinical understanding for dental hygienists’ in the delivery of advanced treatment protocols.



  • Testimonials

    Rita P., RDH

    I attended the Osteology Foundation Symposium in Arizona back in February, where Melissa and Shavonne organized an amazing and informative hygiene session on implant care. I traveled from the east coast and my trip definitely worth the time and effort. They introduced the basics about implant dentistry and the common diseases associated with it. We learned about Diode Laser Therapy and Perio endoscopy to aid NSPT, correct instrumentation, and the best home care devices.
    I am very grateful to be part of such great event that helped me better serve this growing population of patients back at my dental practice.”


    Maia R., RDH

    Melissa and Shavonne are the best! I attended their hands-on presentation for dental hygienists at the National Osteology Symposium in Phoenix, AZ and it was amazing. They put so much effort to introduce us to the new technology in the field, to present us the science behind a successful implant, to make us aware of our big contribution to patients’ health, and a lot more. Their enthusiasm, ambition and dedication is contagious. It was a good experience.



    Melissa T., RDH

    "ICP Level 1 Training was the best clinical application training I have attended since hygiene school. It is taught by some of the most intelligent, professional and passionate clinicians in the country. This training will give ALL dentists and hygienists essential skills to maintain dental implants. I will not go back to my office the same clinician. Thank you! #beremarkable#ICPlevel1"


    Carol J., RDH, MS

    Melissa and Shavonne are passionate and energetic presenters. Their course on implants was grounded in solid evidence and clinical practicality. An attendee could easily implement many of their recommendations and suggestions.

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